Fairy Tale Bundle

Miniature Madness, LLC


So many amazing miniatures all in one bundle! 

Who doesn't want 3 fairy godmothers to grant wishes (perfect miniatures for the Miracle Question, btw!) 

The other miniatures are often used to represent dark parts of ourselves, such as with the goons, or even the fakeness that comes through with clients.  

Younger clients use these as part of their moving worlds, highlighting both the dark and the light parts of life. 

All Ages

The Mock Prince®-4"Tall

Sampson with Squirrel®-4"Tall


Flora®, Fauna®, and Merryweather®-3"Tall

The Mock Prince®, Sampson with Squirrel®, Goons®, Flora®, Fauna®, and Merryweather® are registered trademarks of Disney®.

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