Meet Your Tour Guides

Amy Flaherty

Hey there!
I'm Amy Flaherty

Co-founder of Miniature Madness

One thing you need to know about me - I have a calling….

...and it’s to guide sandtray therapists everywhere to be their most confident self so they can heal the world.

The way I’m doing this now is through acting as your guide to all things miniatures.

As the founder of Southern Sandtray Institute and the President of International Association of Sandtray Therapy, I’ve trained thousands of therapists in brain-informed sandtray therapy, allowing them to create confidence and heal both themselves and their clients.

Over the years of teaching and building a community of sandtray therapists worldwide, I’ve found that all of us go crazy for one thing - miniatures!!!

So, now through Miniature Madness, you get to not only shop and purchase amazing miniatures, but also know the WHY behind what you are buying so you can feel confident in knowing that what you have is a good investment (rather than just a pretty object).

But - it’s not just me doing all of this - I have an amazing team of Tour Guides to help you with your sandtray journey.

I’m Kim Beasley. I’ll let you in on a little secret - I’m married to Amy’s younger brother Alex so I really am part of the family. AND - I have 3 littles ones - a boy and two twin girls who everyone says look eerily similar to me and Amy :)

I’ve been working with Amy for 5ish years now, helping build Southern Sandtray Institute and being the ‘decider’ on many of the big decisions along the way.

My role with Miniature Madness is to work closely with Amy to ensure we have everything you need to be successful in your sandtray journey.

Kim Beasley

Kim Beasley

Head Tour Guide


Hey - I’m Shania Harriell - you pronounce my name like Shania Twain -the country singer :)

I’m the newest member of Miniature Madness and am thrilled to be your Tour Guide for all things shipping and delivering. I am new to the sandtray therapy world but get excited everytime I see a new order come through because I know what you get will make your life easier.

My goal is to help make you feel special every time you see a package from us arrive on your doorstep (you may even start to recognize my hand-writing as you receive the cool packages in the mail)

A little bit about me - I love my 4 year old son more than life itself. He’s a country boy and loves to be outside with me and his dad. I love all things organization, lists, notebooks, and I’m even a little bit artsy.

Shania Harriell

Shania Harriell

Tour Guide (all things shipping and delivering)

And we have one more team member who works behind the scenes…

Amy’s husband Sean works tirelessly to make things orderly and ensure that all is run well for your experience to be first rate. He doesn’t do pictures so just imagine a funny red-head Irish man who loves talking about how to make everything as efficient as possible:)

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